Alert Level 


Covid-19 Rules 

My Vaccine Pass is the official record of a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status for use in New Zealand. it's not a requirement to be vaccinated  to enter Lambton Square.

But it is a requirement to be vaccinated if eating / entering the eatery.

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QR Code 

Everyone aged 12 and over,  must sign in when visiting. The QR code posters are located at all entrances. You will also need to sign in at each retail store you visit.


Please maintain a 1 -metre physical distance.

We have thinned out the eatery chairs & tables so there is plenty of room to enjoy your meals.

If you are required to queue,  we ask that you queue parallel to the store front and keep the mall space as free  as possible. Please follow the direction of the store team and lines marked on the floor




Face Masks 

Please wear a face mask in Lambton Square.

while enjoying your meal  no face mask is required.



Please remember to wash your hands.

We have automatic taps and hand dryers. 


Hand Sanitiser

We have hand sanitisers located around the mall 


Vaccine pass required

It's not a requirement to be vaccinated  to enter Lambton Square but some close proximity stores and food outlets  do require vaccination pass

​Please look out for signs when entering a store to see if a pass is required.



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